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We repair and restore old or new photographs, as well as alter images. We colorize and create sepia tone prints. We can turn a good quality "snapshot" into a portrait with your choice of background. We correct eyes, partially closed (or even fully closed if we have a reference photo). We can custom make icons for your computer. All our work is guaranteed to your complete satisfaction. Please select 'Exhibits' and browse through a few of the latest images we have corrected or altered.

We return your originals along with the new image, both digitized on a CD and a 5x7 or 8x10 print (sizes are based on original photo size/quality--a larger print can sometimes be made from a good quality print of smaller size). (Completed images may also be downloaded from our web site, this is in addition to the work we send you by mail.)

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* The "eye" within the color wheel is a composite of photographs taken by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope and the Kitt Peak National Observatory in Arizona, probably in 2003. The image depicts the so-called Helix Nebula, described by astronomers as "a trillion-mile-long tunnel of glowing gases." At its center is dying, Sun-like star which has ejected masses of dust and gas to form tentacle-like filaments stretching toward an outer rim composed of the same material. It is generally referred to as "The Eye of God." Original Image Credit: NASA, WIYN, NOAO, ESA, Hubble Helix Nebula Team, M. Meixner (STScI), & T. A. Rector (NRAO).


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