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The following is a guide as to how we charge for our work. Restoring, altering and repairing photographs is a labor intensive act, and the pricing will vary upon the 'intensity' of the work to be performed. Generally, most work can be done for $60.00-$150.00, but be aware, major restoration can far exceed this range. Let us give you a quote. Click on "Upload Images" on the left and send us your picture and a description of what you want done (please include a telephone number for any subsequent instructions).

All prices include:

  • Original photos returned intact

  • New Print (matte or glossy, 8x10 or 5x7)

  • CD disk with the new digital image

  • Work returned by postage paid Priority Mail, delivery confirmation (U.S.).

Payment may be made by Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover Card, check or money order. (Check or money order must be mailed─no cash, please─AMEX and Discover Card, US only). (International orders will be given a shipping credit based on U.S. postage rates.)

If you can scan your photograph with a quality color scanner, we can work from that scanned image.

(We probably can give a rough estimate from your description of the image.)

To email us with an initial description, Click Here, or telephone:

(704) 567-3000   

Please feel free to browse our site and view a sampling of our work.



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